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What is it?

    Simple, short videos of each nursing procedure. It is used as a quick reference for a procedure you haven’t done in awhile. Always handy, always quick, always in your pocket, and it’s free!

    Whether you are a student, nurse, or resident this app will help you. Stop being OK with some procedures and finally, become a professional at ALL of them!

Why did we make it?

    We found ourselves looking up video resources on a regular basis for procedures that we either have never done or haven’t done in awhile. Instead of doing that on a regular basis we decided to make an app that had all of the procedures in one place to make it convenient to access when needed. 

Other Apps Coming Soon!

    We don’t just make nursing apps, we have several apps in the works that will make your life easier by making online resources easier to use!

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Other Apps We Are Working On

Better Search, Bible Resources, Social Sites, Car Repair, Home Repair, And More!

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Who is Slateable?

Our Team


Jason Budd

Jeff Blubaugh


Our Vision

    To turn the internet’s web of information into an organized collection of relevant resources.
Our apps bring order to the content that enables your personal and professional growth.